Improving Healthcare and Patient Outcomes with Advanced Analytics

AccuBillMD offers population health management solutions and medical billing service to improve clinical and financial outcomes. Healthcare is flooded with big data, yet with so much available data, how is it actually making an impact on decision-making, the patient experience Healthcare Analytics Case Studyand patient outcomes in healthcare? Beyond data challenges, healthcare providers face mounting business challenges across the value chain, such as:

  • The move from volume based models to value based approaches
  • Transition from ‘fee for service’ to ‘pay for performance’
  • Shrinking margins due to reimbursements reductions coupled with increased costs
  • The difficulty of data aggregation across practices to support wider population health management goals

“Established healthcare providers are investing millions of dollars annually to cull meaningful insight from their data to drive better clinical and financial outcomes.”

Advanced Analytics Have a Powerful Impact on Healthcare

AccuBillMD levels the playing field for small to mid- sized healthcare providers by helping them gain actionable insight into their data using advanced analytics and business intelligence capabilities – and for a fraction of the investment large providers are typically making. Our expert team employs a number of analytical methods including:

  • Statistical modeling
  • Quantitative analysis
  • Predictive model development from retrospective data analysis
  • Iterative and self-learning “genetic algorithmic” approaches

“AccuBillMD leverages expert analytical frameworks that help clients answer critical questions about improving revenue cycle management performance and clinical care management processes.”

New Insight to Transform the Business of Healthcare

Our analytical frameworks help clients answer key questions that are critical to their revenue cycle management performance as well as their clinical care management processes, such as:

  • Reimbursement analysis
  • Collections portfolio analysis
  • Length of stay and readmission rate reporting
  • Provider and resource productivity analysis
  • Scheduling effectiveness and ‘no-show’ reduction

Advanced Analytics Deliver Results

Our client results speak for themselves:

  • Significantly better outcomes through improved efficiencies,
  • Reductions in wastage
  • Improved patient compliance
  • Higher provider satisfaction

Complimentary Discovery Session

Contact us today for a complimentary, ‘no-strings- attached’ 2-hour discovery session to learn how expert analytics could have a dramatic impact to your healthcare organization’s outcomes and financial performance.